Music Free Bot

Date: 29 November 2019

The musicfreebot is a friendly little chatbot that lives in the chat on Mixer when I’m live (and a few other times). He runs games, helps moderate the chat, runs the shops, and a few other things.


There are two types of currency that can be used to play games or make things happen on stream.


You earn tokens any time you use sparks in the channel or host the stream. Many of the games allow you to win extra tokens.

You can use tokens to buy tickets with the commands !buy10tickets, !buy100tickets, and !buy500tickets. Each ticket costs 100 tokens.

Use the command !tokens to see the number of tokens you have.


Tickets are earned when you use embers, drop a tip in the tip jar, or subscribe on Patreon. They can also be earned through donations during charity streams. Tickets may be redeemed in the Gift Shop for exclusive items.

Use the command !tickets to see the number of tickets you have.

Gift Shop

MFB oversees the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop allows you to redeem your tickets for items that can be used during the stream.

Use the command !giftshop to see a list of commands for the Gift Shop.

  • !giftshop list: Show a list of items in the store.
  • !giftshop <item name>: Shows the buy and sell price of each item. Ex: !giftshop Level 1 prize
  • !giftshop buy <item name>: Buy an item and add it to your inventory.

Gift Shop Prizes

For each item that can be used on stream, there is a command listed. You will need a prize of the appropriate level to run the command. For example, if you want to play the clip “Be excellent to each other,” you will need to buy a level 1 prize from the Gift Shop.

Many of the items will play movie clips or quotes on-stream. Other items will be added over time.

1 !gsplay be-excellent Play the quote "Be excellent to each other!" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
1 !gsplay party-on Play the quote "Party on, dudes!" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
1 !gsplay empty-brain Play the quote "Useless, empty brain!" from Big Hero 6.
2 !gsplay jumped-out-a-window Play the quote "We jumped out a window!" from Big Hero 6.
2 !gsplay misbehave Play the quote "I aim to misbehave." from Serenity.
3 !gsplay write-a-book Play the quote "You should write a book. How to offend women in five syllables or less!" from Swan Princess.

Use the command !gsitems to see the list of Gift Shop items in your inventory.


Use the command !games to see a list of games.

  • !spin: Spin the wheel! There’s a 30% change of doubling your bet.
  • !slots: Pay ten tokens for a chance to win up to 50 tokens!
  • !trivia: Answer a trivia question. There’s no cost to play and anyone can answer. Successful answers earn 100 tokens!


  • !commands: Whispers a list of available commands to you.
  • !game, !steam, !xboxgame: Provides links to where you can buy the current game.
  • !uptime: See how long the stream has been live


  • The virtual currencies (tokens and tickets) have no monetary value and will not be refunded.
  • Store items that are used off stream will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Tickets earned from Patreon subscriptions requires that I match up your Patreon account with your Mixer user name. This may not happen during the stream.