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Hello Again

Originally posted at [2010-09-27 Mon 11:46]

Welcome to my new, improved and slightly zombie-like SysAdmin site. This site had been a general place to drop my docs on various things I do as a systems administrator. At first, I thought I would put this up at my main blog, PerlStalker’s Ramblings, but that site went all politics all the time. So, I’m moving the old posts out of tikiwiki and blogger and putting them here.

Most of the docs here, so far, are from my days at with a few things from a virtualization trade study at Adams State College a couple of years ago. More stuff will be coming but at a much slower rate than Ramblings. The posts will be mostly notes and may even be organized.

The site itself is still evolving. I have comments turned off until I decide what I want to do with them. It’s the same with the search engine. We’ll see where it goes.